Sell is sales, marketing and training software for outside sales teams

By combining the value of visual aids and the ease of mobile apps, sales teams can expect to stay ahead of their competition and increase their revenue.

Sell™ helps sales teams understand content better

Sell™ helps sales teams understand content better in order to build a stronger mobile sales force. Instead of just building collateral, you can learn more about which assets are being used and what additional resources are needed. That way, you can create laser-focused resources and boost your ROI on sales content.

How Sell™ Works

Upload Company Content

Sales management uploads and organizes their own collateral through the web interface at a computer. Content can include anything from marketing materials such as videos to training documents for the team.

Access Via Mobile App

Sales team members install the Xomly Sell™ mobile app on iOS or Android to access the collateral previously uploaded. They can review training materials and download their favorite content for offline access.

Engage with Prospects

Sales team members work with their prospects face to face with great visual aids at their finger tips via the mobile app. They can then take advatage of digital leave behinds, better follow up, and working with referrals.

Make Adjustments

Sales management can then access insights through the web interface on how the team is doing and see what collateral is resonating the best with prospects. Adjustments can now be made individually and team wide.

How Sell™ Works
How Sell™ Works

Manage & Distribute

Making sure your team always has the most up to date marketing, sales and training collateral in an organized way can be very time consuming. Sell™ helps you be more effective by automatically replacing outdated content right on your team’s mobile devices so they can spend more time in front of prospects.

Present & Amaze

Many times marketing and sales collateral is inaccessible so presentations go on without them. Presentations that use visual aids like charts and graphs have a higher closing rate. Adding in a video takes it to the next level, conveying emotion. Amaze your prospects by using great visual aids in your presentations!

Analyze & Improve

Understanding what is working and what is not is critical to being efficient and effective. Sure you could survey your team to see what collateral is working well, but that takes a lot of time. Instead, with Sell™ as a delivery mechanism, we can help you understand what is working well so you can replicate your success.