3 Tips for Making a Memorable Sales Presentation

3 Tips for Making a Memorable Sales Presentation

Customers are bombarded with messages all day long, from emails to phone calls to texts. Not to mention all the interpersonal messages and communications. It is estimated, on average, that any one person will receive 2,000 different messages a day across those communication mediums. How can you compete with tv advertisements, emails, videos, Facebook ads etc that are overloading the customers with information? The information you present needs to stand out so that you can connect with the potential customers and help them see the value of what you sell. Here are 3 ideas that will help your presentation stand out so it will be remembered.

1. Pick 3 important points

It is hard to make a presentation when you don’t know what it is you want the potential customer to learn or know. That’s why picking 3 important points can get you on the right track. Think about the end of the presentation, what do you want the person to remember? When you have this in your mind, pick the 3 most important points and build from there. Now in some cases, 3 may seem like too few, but the important point is that you are not overloading the potential customer with information.

2. Make your presentation 20 minutes or less

You don’t want to make a presentation so short the potential customer is confused why you’re even talking to them, but you also don’t want to be long winded. People are busy! According to one study, people are more likely to forget your presentation within an hour if it is longer than 20 minutes. You want to be remembered! And research states that it takes 8 contacts with a person before they are willing to make a buying decision. Make the first contact with them short so you will have to follow up, and follow up again. The more ways in which you are able to connect and stay in contact with a potential customer, the more likely it is that your pitch will end in a sale for you.

3. Use visual aids

Studies show that 65% of people are visual learners. Pictures, graphs, and video clips are all considered visual aids, and they are very important. They keep a customer engaged as you present the benefits of your product. Now don’t use visual aids that have nothing to do with your presentation i.e. a drawing of a dinosaur when you’re trying to sell life insurance. Make sure the visual aids relate to your pitch: pictures of couples together as they age (life insurance/health insurance), houses (alarm systems), or bugs (pest control). You want to use a visual aid that corresponds with your pitch so that the potential customer remembers, if nothing else, the picture/graph/video so they can recall what you said.

Making a presentation can be dull and tiresome. When it comes right down to it though, the value of having a good presentation outweighs the time and energy spent creating a memorable one. Take into account these tips and use them to your advantage. More and more we rely on what we see, not on what we are told. Show the value of your product through presentations and watch as it increases your efficiency and revenue.